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Steven Lutz

Programme Leader, Blue Carbon
Phone: +47 94 16 96 86
Email: Steven.Lutz@grida.no

Steven’s academic and project management experience includes the management of socioeconomic field research teams exploring marine policy in The Bahamas, socioeconomic research of California purse seine fishermen, coral reef health assessments throughout the Caribbean, coral reef education and outreach, deep-sea coral biogeography, integrated coastal zone management and fisheries data collection and assessment.
Prior to working with GRID-Arendal, Steven focused on environmental policy including advocacy on US legislation related to climate change and ocean acidification, the management of tropical and deep sea corals, Hawaiian Monk Seal conservation, marine protected areas, addressing IUU fishing and appropriations for NOAA. Steven also advanced blue carbon policy with the US government (both the executive and legislative branches), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and in international climate-change negotiations (UNFCCC).
A glimpse from Steven’s daily work:
Steven Lutz is the Blue Carbon Programme Leader for GRID-Arendal. A major focus of this programme is the Blue Forests Project, which Steven manages collaboratively with Tiina Kurvits. 

The Blue Forests Project is a global initiative focused on harnessing the values associated with coastal carbon and ecosystem services to achieve improved ecosystem management. ‘Blue forests’ (or 'blue carbon') ecosystems include mangrove forests, sea grass meadows and saltwater marshes, and project sites where the value of blue forests will be explored include Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Ecuador, The United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Central America. The project also addresses key blue forests knowledge gaps and provides experience and tools for greater global application. It is supported through GEF funds and partner co-finance. The Blue Forests Project is implemented by UNEP and executed by GRID-Arendal, with partners worldwide (including Conservation International, IUCN, WWF, NOAA, US Forest Service and many more). The project was initiated in January 2015 and will run over the course of four years.
As Blue Carbon Programme Leader, Steven supports the development of GRID-Arendal's blue carbon efforts, such as demonstration projects in Africa and coordination with UNEP’s Blue Carbon Initiative. Steven also manages the Developing Fish Carbon Project, which explores extending the coastal blue carbon approach to the open ocean. He has been working for GRID-Arendal since 2011.

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