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Miles Macmillan-Lawler

Programme Leader, Marine Spatial Planning
Phone: (47) 97596865
Email: Miles.Macmillan-Lawler@grida.no

Miles joined GRID-Arendal as a Marine Spatial Analyst.

Academic/Research Background

Miles has an academic background in marine science. He completed both a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Doctorate in marine related issues. His Honours thesis looked at the population genetics and phylogeny of the endangered spotted handfish, which was the first marine fish listed as endangered under the Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act. His Doctoral studies focussed on mapping and assessment of marine habitats, with a particularly focus on inshore temperate marine habitats including seagrass, kelp, sponges and rocky reef communities.

PhD, Geography and Environmental Science, 2011, University of Tasmania, “Development and application of single beam acoustics and underwater videography in marine benthic habitat assessment and mapping”

BSc (Hons), Marine, Antarctic and Freshwater Biology, 1999, University of Tasmania, “Population genetics of the spotted handfish, Family Brachnionichtyidae”

BSc, Marine, Antarctic and Freshwater Biology, 1996, University of Tasmania.

Professional Experience

Miles has extensive work experience in marine and spatial related matters, having worked with both University and Government organisations prior to joining GRID-Arendal. HIs previous work experience include development of policy relating to marine spatial planning, design of marine protected area networks in Australia and public consultation on spatial plans.

His research experience includes 10 years working on marine habitat mapping and environmental assessment in south east Australia. In this time he has conducted extensive vessel based field work including diving, acoustic and video surveys and physical and chemical sampling. He has strong spatial analysis skills coupled with a good understanding of ecological processes.

2009 – 2012 Marine Division – Australian Federal Environment Department (DSEWPaC). Senior Policy Officer/spatial analyst. Marine spatial planning. Development of Marine Protected Area networks in Commonwealth waters.

1999 – 2009 Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute (University of Tasmania). Junior Research Fellow/Research Assistant. SeaMap Tasmania. Baseline marine habitat mapping for fisheries, aquaculture, coastal development and marine planning.

1999 CSIRO. Spotted Handfish recovery team. Survey diver.

1997 – 1998 UTAS CRC for Temperate Hardwood Production Forestry. Technical Assistant.