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Matthias Jurek

Independant Consultant, Polar and Mountain Environments
Phone: (43) 1260604326
Email: matthias.jurek@grida.no

As part of a joint collaboration between GRIDA and the UNEP Vienna Office ISCC (a mountain resource centre in UNEP) Matthias Jurek is supporting the work of GRID Arendal and its Polar and Cryosphere Programme as well as the work of the UNEP Vienna Office in the field of issues related to mountain regions. Matthias is based in the UNEP Vienna Office – Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention (ISCC), Vienna International Centre, Austria.  

Matthias, born in Vienna/Austria, graduated in law at the University of Vienna (Faculty of Law) and has specialized himself in international law and relations with a particular focus on environmental issues. Previously, he has been working with the European Academy Bolzano (EURAC) and serving in the Legal Office of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs as well as has been working for various NGOs, think tanks (inter alia dealing with security and peace/conflict issues) and other institutions before that. Matthias is a passionate mountaineer and climber; and has also a strong passion for Arctic-related issues.

Email: matthias.jurek@grida.no , matthias.jurek@unvienna.org