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Strategy 2014-2017

In May 1989, at the Governing Council of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Norwegian Minister of the Environment announced that Norway, as a concrete follow-up to the recommendations of the World Commission on Environment and Development, was ready to support the establishment of a GRID (Global Resource Information Database) centre in Arendal, Norway. A project agreement was signed between UNEP and the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment in Arendal on August 22, 1989, for the establishment and operation of GRID-Arendal. GRID-Arendal is established as a foundation in accordance with Norwegian legislation. In 2001 GRID-Arendal was designated an official UNEP Centre. In August 2014, UNEP and GRID-Arendal signed a new Framework Agreement through which the Norwegian foundation agreed to renew its cooperation with UNEP in the areas of the Polar Regions, the marine environment, communications and outreach, environmental assessments and capacity building in developing states,

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