Past, present and future perspectives


This chapter has highlighted some of the major policy issues which have influenced development in Africa, particularly over the past three decades, and which have contributed to the region's responses to growing environmental challenges. Many of these issues are discussed in greater detail in the following chapters.

Chapter 2, 'The State of Africa's Environment and Policy Analysis', provides more in-depth analysis of the environmental issues facing Africa, and looks at how countries in the region have tried to address them.

Chapter 3, 'Human Vulnerability to Environmental Change', explains how African people are particularly vulnerable to changes in the environment.

Chapter 4, 'Outlook 2002-2032', uses four scenarios to explore possible alternative futures in the region, depending on the policy decisions taken to address particular problems.

Chapter 5, 'Policy Responses, Analysis and Action', presents some of the policy responses needed to resolve some of the environmental and developmental challenges facing the region.