Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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Annex A: Authors and Expert Reviewers

American Samoa  
Lelei Peau NOAA
Brian Challenger APUA
Osvaldo F. Canziani Co-Chair, WGII
Rodolfo Carcavallo Department of Entomology
Jorge O. Codignotto Laboratorio Geologia y Dinamica Costera
Rosa Hilda Compagnucci Dpto de Ciencia de la Atmosfera
Sandra Myrna Diaz Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal
Jorge Frangi Universidad Nacional de la Plata
Graciela Magrin Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria
Gabriel Soler Fundación Instituto Latinoamericano de Políticas Sociales
Silvina Solman Ciudad Universitaria
Eduardo Usunoff Instituto de Hidrologie de Llanuras
Walter Vargas University of Buenos Aires
Kay Abel Australian Greenhouse Office
Bryson Bates CSIRO
Ian Carruthers Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories
Steven Crimp Queensland Centre for Climate Applications
Max Finlayson Environmental Research Institute
Alistair Gilmour Center for Environmental and Urban Studies
Habiba Gitay Australian National University
Ann Henderson-Sellers Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Office
David Hopleyz James Cook University of North Queensland
Mark Howden Bureau of Rural Sciences, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry
Richard Hoy Electricity Supply Association of Australia
Roger Jones CSIRO Atmospheric Research
Lawrence Leung BHP Research-Newcastle Laboratories
Janice Lough Australian Institute of Marine Science
Harvey J. Marchant Australian Antarctic Division
Roger McLean University of New South Wales
Ian Noble Australian National University
Barrie Pittock CSIRO Climate Impact Group
Andy Reisinger Ministry for the Environment
David Shearman University of Adelaide
Brian H. Walker CSIRO Division of Wildlife and Ecology
Paul Freeman International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Helmut Hojesky Federal Ministry for Environment
Nebojsa Nakicenovic International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Klaus Radunsky Federal Environment Agency
Q.K. Ahmad Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad
Saleemul Huq Imperial College London
M. Monirul Qader Mirza The Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Toronto
Leonard Nurse Coastal Zone Management Unit
Alain Dassargues University of Liege
Mark Rounsevell Universite Catholique de Louvain
Jean-Pascal van Ypersele Institut d'Astronomie et de Geophysique G. Lemaitre
Epiphane Dotou Ahlonsou Service Météorologique National
Michel Boko Universite de Bourgogne
Pauline O. Dube University of Botswana
Heraldo C.N.S. Campos University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Ulisses Confalonieri National School of Public Health
Philip M. Fearnside Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia
Emilio Lebre La Rovere Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
J.A. Marengo Orsini CPTEC/INPE
Y.D.P. Medeiros Universidade Federal da Bahia
Carlos A. Nobre CPTEC/INPE
Vesselin Alexandrov National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Michael Apps Northern Forest Centre
David Barber Environment Canada
Richard J. Beamish Pacific Biological Station
James P. Bruce Canadian Climate Program Board
Ian Burton University of Toronto
Ian Campbell Canadian Forest Service
Wenjun Chen Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Josef Cihlar Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Stewart J. Cohen Environmental Adaptation Research Group, University of British Columbia
Jean Cooper Meteorological Service of Canada
Alexandre Desbarats Environment Canada
Kirsty Duncan University of Windsor
Patti Edwards Meteorological Service of Canada
David Etkin Environment Canada
Donald Forbes Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Edward G. Gregorich Agriculture Canada
Marc Hinton Environment Canada
Robert L. Jefferies University of Toronto
Mark Johnston Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management
Paul Kay University of Waterloo
Roy M. Koerner Geological Survey of Canada
Paul Kovacs Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction
Joan Masterton Environment Canada
Barrie Maxwell Environment Canada
Linda Mortsch Environment Canada
Terry Prowse National Water Research Institute
Alfonso Rivera Environment Canada
David W. Schindler University of Alberta
John Shaw Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Barry Smit University of Guelph
Sharon Smith Environment Canada
David L. Spittlehouse B.C. Ministry of Forests
John M.R. Stone Policy, Program, and International Affairs Directorate
J.A. Trofymow Environment Canada
Elaine Wheaton Saskatchewan Research Council
J.M. White Environment Canada
G. Daniel Williams Environment Canada (retired)
Louise Wilson B.C. Ministry of Employment and Investment
Raymond Wong Alberta Environment
Eduardo Basso Independent Consultant
Liping Bai Agrometeorology Institute
Youmin Chen Agrometeorology Institute
Jiaqi Chen Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
Liu Chunzhen Hydrological Forecasting and Water Control Center
Li Congxian Tongji University
Gao Deming Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Bilan Du China Institute for Marine Development Strategy
Lin Erda Agrometeorology Institute
Su Jilan Second Institute of Oceanography
Hui Ju Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Wen Kegang China Meteorological Administration
Bai Keyu Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Yue Li Agrometeorology Instutite
Dahe Qin Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guoyu Ren China Meteorological Administration
Chengguo Shen Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Fulu Tao Chinese Academy of Sciences
Changrong Yan Agrometeorology Instutite
Xiu Yang Agrometeorology Instutite
Ding Yihui China Meteorological Administration
Aiwen Ying Ministry of Water Resources
Lv Yingyun Institute of Global Climate Change
Xinshi Zhang Chinese Academy of Science
Jian-yun Zhang Ministry of Water Resources
Guangsheng Zhou Chinese Academy of Sciences
Costa Rica  
Max Campos National Meteorological Institute
Jorge Cortes Universidad de Costa Rica
Avelino G. Suarez Institute of Ecology and Systematics
Jens H. Christensen Danish Meteorological Institute
El Salvador  
J. Roberto Jovel Independent Consultant
Timothy Carter Finnish Environment Institute
Paula Kankaala University of Helsinki
Seppo Kellomaki University of Joensuu
Pirkko Kortelainen Finnish Environment Institute
Jukka Laine University of Helsinki
Seppo Neuvonen University of Turku
Marc Gillet Mission Interministerielle de l'Effet de Serre
Arnaud Hequette Universite du Littoral
Benoit Lesaffre Ministere de l'Amenagement du Territoire et de l'Environnement
Martin Pecheux Nice University
Michel Petit Vice-Chair, WGII
Francois Rodhain Institut Pasteur
Jean-Francois Soussana INRA, Unite d'Agronomie
Bubu Pateh Jallow Department of Water Resources
Alfred Becker Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Rosemarie Benndorf Federal Environmental Agency
Cornelia Berns Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture, and Forestry
Gerhard Berz Munich Reinsurance Company
Markus Breuer German Agency for Technical Cooperation
Harald Bugmann Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Wolfgang P. Cramer Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Thomas Frisch Federal Environmental Agency
Birgit Georgi Federal Environmental Agency
Anke Herold Oko-Institut
Venugopalan Ittekkot Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology
Richard J.T. Klein Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Harald Kohl Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety
Marcus Linder Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Petra Mahrenholz Federal Environmental Agency
I. Colin Prentice Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Rolf Sartorius Federal Environmental Agency
Bernd Schanzenbacher Credit Suisse
H.-J. Schellnhuber Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Ernst-Detlef Schulze University of Bayreuth
Ferenc Toth Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Thomas Voigt Federal Environmental Agency
Horst Wingrich Dresden University of Technology
Joao S. de Queiroz USAID/G-CAP
Roberto Morales USAID/G-CAP
C. Ibrahima Sory University of Conakry
Joseph Sylla Direction Nationale de l'Environnement
Rais Akhtar University of Kashmir
Sujata Gupta Tata Energy Research Institute
Shreekant Gupta University of Delhi
Murari Lal Indian Institute of Technology
Kirit Parikh Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
Anand Patwardhan Indian Institute of Technology
S.S. Prihar Independent Consultant
P.S. Ramakrishnan School of Environmental Sciences
S.K. Sinha Indian Agricultural Research Institute
Daniel Murdiyarso State Ministry for Environment
Hari Suharyono BPPT
Z. Alperson Israel Meteorological Service
Tartakovsky Leonid Israel Institute of Technology
Uriel N. Safriel The Blaustein Institute for Desert Research
Leonid Tartakovsky Israel Institute of Technology
Gaetano Borrelli National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and the Environment
Mauro Centritto Instituto di Biochimica ed Ecofisiologia Vegetali
Domenico Gaudioso National Environmental Protection Agency
Filippo Giorgi Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Wulf Killmann Food and Agriculture Organization
Bettina Menne WHO-European Centre for Environment and Health
Teresa Nanni Institute of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences of the National Research Council
Astrid Raudner National Environmental Protection Agency
A. Anthony Chen University of the West Indies
Mitsuru Ando National Institute for Environmental Studies
Yoshitaka Fukuoka Risshou University
Keisuke Hanaki University of Tokyo
Hideo Harasawa Social and Environmental Systems Division
Takeshi Horie Kyoto University
Masami Iriki Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences
Hiroshi Kadomura Rissho University
Kanehiro Kitayama Japanese Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Nobuo Mimura Ibaraki University
Toyohiko Miyagi Tohoku Gakuin University
Hisayoshi Morisugi Tohoku University
Shinichi Nagata Environment Agency
Masahisa Nakamura Lake Biwa Research Institute
Shuzo Nishioka Keio University
Eiji Ohno Meijo University
Kenji Omasa The University of Tokyo
Akihiko Sasaki National Institute of Public Health
Tsuguyoshi Suzuki Japan Science and Technology Cooperation
Nobuyuki Tanaka Regeneration Process Laboratory Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Satoshi Tanaka Embassy of Japan
Masatomo Umitsu Nagoya University
Masatoshi Yoshino Tsukuba University
Olga Pilifosova UNFCCC Secretariat
Andrew Githeko Kenya Medical Research Institute
Mukiri Githendu Ministry of Research and Technology
Wilson Kimani Kenya Meteorological Department
Gabriel M. Mailu Ministry of Research and Technology
F.M. Mutua University of Nairobi
John Nganga University of Nairobi
Joseph Njihia Kenya Meteorological Department
William Nyakwada Kenya Meteorological Department
Laban Ogallo University of Nairobi
R.E. Okoola University of Nairobi
Christopher Oludhe University of Nairobi
Joyce Onyango National Environment Secretariat
Helida Oyieke Kenya Museum
Mwakio P. Tole Moi University
Joshua Wairoto Kenya Meteorological Department
Nakibae Teuatabo Ministry of Environment and Social Development
Paul Desanker University of Virginia
Chan Ah Kee Malaysian Meteorological Service
Mohammad Ilyas Universiti Sains Malaysia
Simad Saeed Ministry of Home Affairs, Housing, and Environment
Lino Briguglio Foundation for International Studies
Sachooda Ragoonaden Mauritius Meteorological Services
A. de la Vega Navarro National Autonomous University of Mexico
M. de Lourdes Villers-Ruiz College of Forest Resources National University
Ernesto Jauregui National University
Victor Magana Centro de Ciencias de la Atmosfera
Ana Rosa Moreno North American Center for Environmental Information and Communication
Jose Sarukhan Ciudad Universitaria
Abdelkader Allali Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Fishing
Sharad P. Adhikary Water and Energy Commission Secretariat
New Zealand  
Jon Barnett Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury
Reid Basher National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
John R. Campbell University of Waikato
B. Blair Fitzharris University of Otago
John Hay The University of Waikato
Richard Ibbitt National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Neil Mitchell The University of Auckland
Talbot Murray National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Gerald Rys Ministry of Research, Science, and Technology
Richard Warrick University of Waikato
Alastair Woodward Wellington School of Medicine
David Wratt National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
Abdelkrim Ben Mohamed Universite de Niamey
Garba Goudou Dieudonne Office of the Prime Minister
James O. Adejuwon Obafemi Awolowo University
Daniel M. Gwary University of Maiduguri
James C. Nwafor University of Nigeria
Torgrim Asphjell Norwegian Pollution Control Authority
Torstein Bye Statistics Norway
Oyvind Christophersen Ministry of Environment
Jon Ove Hagen University of Oslo
Jarle Inge Holten Terrestrial Ecology Research Institute
Bjorn Fossli Johansen Norwegian Polar Institute
Else Lobersli Directorate for Nature Management
Harald Loeng Institute of Marine Research
Sophia Mylona Norwegian Pollution Control Authority
Petter Nilsen Norwegian Forest Research Institute
Karen O'Brien Center for International Climate and Environmental Research
Marit Viktoria Pettersen Norwegian Pollution Control Authority
Kare Venn Norwegian Forest Research Institute
Humberto Guerra Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Maximo W. Baradas Philippine Rice Research Institute
Rex Victor Cruz University of the Phillipines at Los Banos
Felino Lansigan University of the Phillipines at Los Banos
Jan Dobrowolski Department of Environmental Management and Protection
Zdzislaw Kaczmarek Polish Academy of Sciences
Zbigniew Kundzewicz Polish Academy of Sciences
Wojciech Suchorzewski Warsaw University of Technology
Julia de Seixas Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Maria Rosa Paiva Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Luis Veiga da Cunha Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Constanta Boroneant National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Aristita Busuioc National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Ciprian Stelian Corbus National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Vasile Cuculeanu National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Anton Geicu National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Adriana Marica National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Marinela Simota National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Viorel A. Stanescu National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Russian Federation  
Oleg Anisimov State Hydrological Institute
Yurij Anokhin Institute of Global Climate and Ecology
Irena Borzenkova State Hydrological Institute
Zurab Kopaliani State Hydrological Institute
Serguei Semenov Institute of Global Climate and Ecology
Alla Tsyban Institute of Global Climate and Ecology
Igor Shiklomanov State Hydrological Institute
Oleg Sirotenko All Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Meteorology
Graham Sem UNFCCC Secretariat
Saudi Arabia  
Mohammad Al Sabban Government of Saudi Arabia
Peter S. Maitland RAMSAR Convention
Isabelle Niang-Diop University of Dakar
Rolph Payet Ministry of Industries and International Business
Poh Poh Wong National University of Singapore
Jan Szolgay Slovak Technical University
South Africa  
Gerrie Coetzee Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Robert J. Scholes CSIR
Clive R. Turner Eskom Resources and Strategy Group
Sergio Alonso University of the Balearic Islands
Francisco Ayala-Carcedo Geomining Technological Institute of Spain
Ferran Ballester Institut Valencia d'Estudis en Salut Publica
Lucila Candela Tecnical University of Catalonia
E. Crespo de Nogueira Organismo Autonomo Parques Nacionales
Francisco Diaz-Fierros University of Santiago
Francesc Gallart Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera
M.-C. Llasat Botija University of Barcelona
Pilar Llorens Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera
Josep Penuelas Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications
Javier Zapata Organismo Autonomo Parques Nacionales
Sri Lanka  
Y.A.D.S. Wanasinghe University of Sri Jayew Ardenepura
Christian Azar Chalmers University of Technology
Sten Bergström Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Torben R. Christensen Lund University
Ulf Molau University of Gothenburg
Mats Olsson Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Mats Oquist Department of Water and Environmental Studies
Aiko Bode UNEP Insurance Industry Initiative
Michael J. Coughlan World Meteorological Organization
Andreas Fischlin Terrestrial Systems Ecology
Frank Oldfield IGBP Past Global Changes Office
Jose Romero Office Federal de l'Environnement des Forets et du Paysage
Somsri Arumin Land Development Department
Asdaporn Krairapanond Office of Environmental Policy and Planning
Bundit Limmeechokchai Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Ed Sarobol Kasetsart University
Duangkae Vilainerun Ministry of Public Health
The Netherlands  
Luitzen Bijlsma National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management
P.S. Bindraban Plant Research International
Laurens Bouwer Institute for Environmental Studies
A.J. Dietz University of Amsterdam
H. Dolman Wageningen University and Research Centre
W.L. Hare Greenpeace International
Jean-Paul Hettelingh RIVM
Michiel A. Keyzer Vrije Universiteit
Rik Leemans National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection
Marcel Marchand Wl|Delft Hydraulics
Pim Martens Maastricht University
Hans Nieuwenhuis Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment
Maresa Oosterman Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken
J.H.J. Spiertz Wageningen University and Research Centre
H.F.M. Ten Berge Plant Research International
Richard S.J. Tol Vrije Universiteit
S.C. van de Geijn Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen
A. van Hoorn Ministerie van Landbouw
G. van Tol Expertisecentrum LNV
A. Veldkamp Wageningen University
Pier Vellinga Institute for Environmental Studies
J. Verbeek Ministry of Transport, Public Works, and Water Management
Jan A. Verhagen Plant Research International
Ayite-Lo Ajavon Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory
Charles Basalirwa Makerere University
United Kingdom  
Neil Adger University of East Anglia
Nigel Arnell University of Southampton
Charlotte Benson Overseas Development Institute
Barnaby Briggs Environmental Resources Management
Barbara Brown University of New Castle upon Tyne
Humphrey Crick British Trust for Ornithology
Andrew F. Dlugolecki Independent Consultant
Thomas E. Downing Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Samuel Fankhauser European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Jonathan Grant IPIECA
Andrew Haines London Medical School
Christopher Hope University of Cambridge
Mike Hulme University of East Anglia
P.M. Kellyz University of East Anglia
Sari Kovats London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
David Mansell-Moullin IPIECA
Greg Masters Climate Change Research Initiative
M. McKenzie Hedger University of Oxford
Anthony J. McMichael London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Robert J. Nicholls Middlesex University
Jean P. Palutikof University of East Anglia
Martin Parry Jackson Environment Institute
Allen Perry University of Wales Swansea
Sarah Randolph University of Oxford
David Satterthwaite International Institute for Environment and Development
Jim F. Skea University of Sussex
David Vaughan British Antarctic Survey
Richard Vincent Department of the Environment, Transport, and the Regions
David A. Warrilow Department of the Environment
Walter Baethgen IFDC
United States  
Shardul Agrawala International Research Institute
L.H. Allen, Jr. U.S Department of Agriculture
Richard B. Alley Pennsylvania State University
Jeffrey S. Amthor Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mark Anderson Office of Science and Technology Policy
John Antle Montana State University
Phillip L. Antweiler U.S. Department of State
Assaf Anyamba National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Phillip A. Arkin International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
Joan L. Aron Science Communication Studies
Kevin R. Arrigo Stanford University
Mitchell Baer Department of Energy
Sam Baldwin Office of Science and Technology Policy
Rosina Bierbaum Office of Science and Technology Policy
Terence Jack Blasing Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Suzanne Bolton National Marine Fisheries Service
Mark Bove Florida State University
Jeff Brokaw U.S. Agency for International Development
David H. Bromwich Ohio State University
Sandra Brown Winrock International
Ronald Brunner University of Colorado
Earle N. Buckley National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
James L. Buizer Office of Global Programs
Virginia Burkett U.S. Geological Survey
Antonio J. Busalacchi NASAGoddard Space Flight Center
David Campbell Michigan State University
Terry Chapin III University of Alaska
William C. Clark Harvard University
Louis A. Codispoti Horn Point Laboratory
Roy Darwin U.S. Department of Agriculture
Margaret Davidson NOAACoastal Services Center
Jonathan Davis The National Academies, Institute of Medicine
Benjamin DeAngelo U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Stephen Decanio University of California at Santa Barbara
Dennis Devlin Exxon Mobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc.
David J. Dokken University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
James J. Dooley Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Robert B. Dunbar Stanford University
William Easterling The Pennsylvania State University
Richard S. Eckaus Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sylvia Edgerton Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paul N Edwards University of Michigan
Gary S. Eilerts Famine Early Warning System Project
Hugh Ellis The Johns Hopkins University
Kerry Emanuel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul R. Epstein Harvard Medical School
John Everett National Marine Fisheries Service
James Fahn NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Lisa Farrow NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Howard Feldman American Petroleum Institute
Lauren Flejzor U.S. Department of State
Joshua Foster NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Franco Furger George Mason University
John Furlow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Janet Line Gamble U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mary Gant U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Luis E. Garcia Inter-American Development Bank
Laurie Geller National Research Council
Lee C. Gerhard Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
Suzanne Giannini-Spohn

U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency

Michael H. Glantz National Center for Atmospheric Research
Peter Gleick Pacific Institute
Per Gloersen NASAGoddard Space Flight Center
Patrick Gonzalez U.S. Geological Survey
William Gore Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. Inc.1
Vivien Gornitz Columbia University
Anne Grambsch U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Kenneth Green Reason Public Policy Institute
Peter M. Groffman Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Duane J. Gubler Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Stephen Guptill U.S. Geological Survey
Peter M. Haas University of Massachusetts
Kimberly Hall The University of Michigan
Michael P. Hamnett Social Science Research Institute
P.J. Hanson Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Arthur Hawkins RAMSAR Convention
Wanda Haxton U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
A.S. Heagle U.S. Department of Agriculture
Geoffrey Heal Columbia Business School
Daniel Hellerstein U.S. Department of Agriculture
Rachelle D. Hollander National Science Foundation
Paul Houser National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Schuyler Houser Sinte Gleska University
Richard B. Howarth Dartmouth College
Charles Howe University of Colorado
Joseph Huang U.S. Country Studies Program
M.A. Huston Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Charles F. Hutchinson Arizona Remote Sensing Center
Mare Imhoff National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Kevin Ingram U.S. Department of Agriculture
Dale Jamieson Carleton College
Sheila Jasanoff Harvard University
Julie D. Jastrow Argonne National Laboratory
Carol Jones U.S. Department of Agriculture
Susan Herrod Julius NCEA, ORD, EPA
Daniel Kammen University of California, Berkeley
Sally Kane National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Bob Kates Independent Consultant
Richard W. Katz National Center for Atmospheric Research
Glen Kelly Global Climate Coalition
Victor Kennedy University of Maryland
Mojdeh Keykhah J.F. Kennedy School of Government
Bruce Kimball U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jane Kinsel National Institutes of Health
Lee Ann Kozak Southern Company Services
Alan Krupnick Resources for the Future
Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti Stanford University
Rattan Lal Ohio State Universtiy
Chris Landsea NOAA Hurricane Research Division
William K.M. Lau NASAGoddard Space Flight Center
Jim Lazorchak U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Neil Leary University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Michael Ledbetter National Science Foundation
Robert Lempert Rand Corporation
Clement D. Lewsey National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Frances C. Li National Science Foundation
Sven B. Lundstedt The Ohio State University
Michael C. MacCracken National Assessment Coordination Office
John J. Magnuson University of Wisconsin
David C. Major Columbia University
Elizabeth Malone Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Karen Marsh Federal Emergency Management Agency
Paul Mayewski Institute for Quaternary
James J. McCarthy Co-Chair, WGII
John McCarty U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Robert McFadden GHG Associates
Michael A. McGeehin National Center for Environmental Health
Diane McKnight INSTAAR
S.B. McLaughlin Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Linda Mearns National Center for Atmospheric Research
Robert Mendelsohn Yale University
William Meyer Clark University and Harvard University
Elizabeth Middleton NASAGoddard Space Flight Center
Richard B. Mieremet National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Edward L. Miles College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences, University of Washington
Kathleen Miller National Center for Atmospheric Research
Ansje Miller Redefining Progress
N.L. Miller Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
R.M. Miller Argonne National Laboratory
Evan Mills Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jeff Miotke U.S. Department of State
James W. Mjelde Texas A&M University
Jack A. Morgan U.S Department of Agriculture
James Morison University of Washington
Susanne C. Moser Union of Concerned Scientists
Richard H. Moss Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Thomas Muir Office of Science and Technology Policy
Daniel Mullarkey U.S. Department of Agriculture
Frederick E. Nelson University of Delaware
Claudia Nierenberg NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Richard Norgaard University of California, Berkeley
Jim O'Brien Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction
Walter Oechel San Diego State University
Martin Offutt Office of Science and Technology Policy
Camille Parmesan University of Texas
Edward Parson J.F. Kennedy School of Government
Kim Partington National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Anthony Patt Harvard University
Jonathan Patz Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Andrew Peara Independent Consultant
Roger A. Pielke Colorado State University
Mark Pineda National Institutes of Health
Stephen R. Piotrowicz NOAA, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
Warren T. Piver National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Wayne Polley Agricultural Research Service
Robert S. Pomeroy World Resources Institute
Jeff Price American Bird Conservancy
Roger Pulwarty NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Jonathan Pundsack National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Robert L. Randall The RainForest ReGeneration Institute
John M. Reilly Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Charles Revelle Johns Hopkins University
Jim Reynolds Duke University
Charles W. Rice Kansas State University
Richard Richels Electric Power Research Institute
Alan Robock Rutgers University
Michael Rodemeyer U.S. House of Representatives
Catriona Rogers Global Change Research Program
Terry Root University of Michigan
C.P. Ropelewski International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
Cynthia Rosenzweig Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Dale Rothman Columbia University
R. Bradley Sack Johns Hopkins University
Ted Scambos University of Colorado
Tom Schelling University of Maryland
David Schimel National Center for Atmospheric Research
David Schimmelpfennig U.S. Department of Agriculture
Stephen Schneider Stanford University
Russ Schnell National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Michael J. Scott Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mark C. Serreze University of Colorado
Steven R. Shafer U.S. Department of Agriculture
Caitlin Simpson NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Joel B. Smith Stratus Consulting Inc.
Raymond C. Smith University of California, Santa Barbara
Amy Snover JISAO/SMAClimate Impacts Group
Brent Sohngen Ohio State University
Allen M. Solomon Office of Science and Technology Policy
Lisa Sorenson Boston University
Eugene Z. Stakhiv U.S. Army Institute for Water Resources
Macol Stewart NOAA, Office of Global Programs
Peter Stone Goddard Institute for Space Studies
A.B. Sullivan Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Tonna-Marie Surgeon NOAA, Office of Global Programs
George Teslioudisand National Aeronautics and Space Administration
James Titus

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Michael Toman Resources for the Future
Kevin Trenberth National Center for Atmospheric Research
Juli M. Trtanj NOAA, Office of Global Programs
George Tselioudisand Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Jan C. Vermeiren Organization of American States
John E. Walsh University of Illinois
Larry Weber Office of Science and Technology Policy
J. Jason West Massachusetts Institute of Technology
T.O. West Oak Ridge National Laboratory
John P. Weyant Energy Modeling Forum, Stanford University
Kasey S. White University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Tom Wilbanks Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stan Wilson NOAA, Office of Chief Scientist
Elizabeth Wilson U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Darrell Winner U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Robert C. Worrest Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
Christina Wright U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Stan Wullschleger Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gary Yohe Wesleyan University
Richard Zepp U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Dorothy Zukor NASAGoddard Space Flight Center
Tatyana Ososkova KazNIIMOSK
Luis Jose Mata Nord-Sued Zentrum fru Enmtwicklungsforschung
Alicia Villamizar Universidad Simon Bolivar
Chris H.D. Magadza Universitry of Zimbabwe

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