Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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Figure 15-7: Vulnerability of U.S. insurers to 100-year events, represented as combined effect of loss magnitude and insurance company capacity (GAO, 2000). This analysis assumes that all insurers place and price policies identically. It excludes reinsurance, as well as local government-supported insurance or reinsurance programs in California and Florida. It also excludes effects of catastrophes striking more than one state (e.g., estimated 1-in-100-year loss for the entire United States is $155 billion). Capacity implied may include some surplus amounts that are not available for paying natural catastrophe claims. Losses that result in claims of more than 20% of surplus trigger initial stage of formal solvency review by National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Puerto Rico (not shown) has a 1-in-100-year loss of US$27.1 billion.

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Other reports in this collection