Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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Figure 5-2: Ranges of percentage changes in crop yields (expressed in vertical extent of the vertical bars only) spanning selected climate change scenarios—with and without agronomic adaptation—from paired studies in Table 5-4. Each pair of ranges is differentiated by geographic location and crop. Pairs of vertical bars represent the range of percentage changes with and without adaptation. Endpoints of each range represent collective high and low percentage change values derived from all climate scenarios used in the study. Horizontal extent of the bars is not meaningful. Note that on the x-axis the last name of the lead author is listed as it appears on Table 5-4. See Table 5-4 for details on climate scenarios used and types of adaptation strategies modeled in each study. In the case of Mongolia, adaptation was not modeled when climate change resulted in positive yield change. In Romania, earlier planting of irrigated maize results in slightly lower yields than with current planting dates.

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