Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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Figure 8-5: Global insured natural catastrophe losses (right-hand scale) vs. property/casualty premium income (left-hand scale), using a 5-year running mean. Global losses are from Munich Re (2000) and premiums from Swiss Re (1999b and earlier years). Note that these data include only major weather-related losses (approximately half of total weather-related losses). Premiums include considerable revenues (and associated reserves and surplus, not usable to pay catastrophe losses) from non-weather-related business segments and from self-insurers. The numbers generally include "captive" self-insurers but not the less-formal types of self-insurance. Exposure—measured as the ratio of premiums to losses—increased by a factor of 2.9 between the endpoints and by 5.2 in the worst single year (1993) within this time interval.

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