Climate Change 2001:
Working Group III: Mitigation
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Figure 2-9: CO2 Emissions in Global Futures Scenarios (narrative scenarios). A cronyms: OCF, the "Our Common Future" scenario from Duchin et al., 1994; GS, the "Global Shift"; ER, the "European Renaissance"; GC, the "Global Crisis"; and BG the "Balanced Growth" scenarios from the Central Planning Bureau of the Netherlands (CPB, 1992); A1, A2, A3, B, C1 and C2, scenarios from Nakicenovic et al., 1998; CW-R, "Conventional Worlds - Reference"; and CW-PR, "Conventional Worlds - Policy Reform" from Gallopin et al., 1997 and Raskin et al., 1998. Note that this figure shows emission projections from a subset of the Global Futures Scenarios which discuss emissions, and a slightly higher proportion of scenarios in this larger group foresee declining emissions (13 of 35 scenarios, compared to 4 of 14 scenarios shown in the figure).

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