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Vital Climate Graphics


Sven Åke Bjørke (GRID-Arendal) and Megumi Seki (UNEP)

Maps and Graphics
Philippe Rekacewicz (GRID-Arendal)
Otto Simonett (UNEP) (Studies of the Nile delta and the Uganda Coffee crops)

Sven Åke Bjørke (GRID-Arendal), Megumi Seki (UNEP), and Michael Williams (UNEP)

Editorial Group
Knut Alfsen (CICERO, Univ. of Oslo); Alex Alusa (UNEP); Sven Åke Bjørke (GRID-Arendal); Renate Christ (IPCC Secretariat); Kevin Grose (UNFCCC Secretariat); Steve Jackson (UNEP); Karen O'Brien (CICERO, Univ. of Oslo); Janos Pasztor (UNFCCC Secretariat); Naomi Poulton (UNEP); Megumi Seki (UNEP); Svein Tveitdal (GRID-Arendal); and Michael Williams (UNEP).

  Vital Climate Graphics

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