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Glaciers in Southern South America and Alaska Melting Faster than those in Europe, says new UNEP Report
Cancún/ Nairobi/Oslo, 7 December 2010 —Glaciers in Patagonia which covers parts of Argentina and Chile followed by ones in Alaska and its coastal mountain ranges have overall been losing mass faster and for longer than glaciers in other parts of ...
Tuesday 07 Dec 2010
New Report Puts Climate Change in Graphic Detail for Latin America and the Caribbean
Cancun (Mexico), 6 December 2010 – The climate change challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean have been laid out in graphic detail in a new publication by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Using charts, graphs and maps, V ...
Monday 06 Dec 2010
‘Acidification’ May Push Already Over-Stressed Oceans into the Red
Cancun/Nairobi/Plymouth, 2 December 2010 - The future impact of rising emissions on the health of seas and oceans may be far more wide-ranging and complex than was previously supposed, a new report released at the UN climate convention meeting in ...
Friday 03 Dec 2010
Multi Billion Dollar Benefits of World-Wide Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting Spotlighted in 100 Countries
Cancun, 1 December 2010 - Indonesia could save $1 billion a year and cut its greenhouse gas emissions by eight million tones of CO2 annually—the equivalent of taking two million cars off the road a year—by switching to energy-saving bulbs .
Thursday 02 Dec 2010
GRID-Arendal at COP 16 in Cancun - Read our News, Blog and Twitter updates
Over the next two weeks we will continually update what is happening at Cancun and talk about what it means for the Arctic and SIDS. Watch out for John's regular Blog and Twitter updates and postings of relevant and interesting material by staff ...
Friday 26 Nov 2010
Food Security and Human Rights in Small Island Developing States and the Arctic - Side Event at COP 16 Cancun
A Many Strong Voices side event at the UN conference on climate change in Cancun, Mexico will address the links between climate change, food security and human rights from the perspectives of people in the Arctic and Small Island Developing States.
Friday 26 Nov 2010
Double Victory for the Tiger
Bonn / St. Petersburg, 24 November 2010 – At the International Tiger Forum, Governments of 13 countries that host tiger populations agreed to double tiger numbers by 2022 and endorsed the St. Petersburg Declaration in a historic effort to save th ...
Wednesday 24 Nov 2010
5 Gigatonnes—the Gap Between Climate Science and Current Climate Cuts After Copenhagen?
Helsinki/Mexico City/Nairobi/London/Washington DC, 23 November 2010 - Nations have the chance to deliver almost 60 per cent of the emissions reductions needed to keep global temperatures under a 2 degrees Celsius rise.
Tuesday 23 Nov 2010
At Global Forum for Sport and Environment, Organizers of Major Sports Events Step Up Greening Efforts
Nairobi, 9 November 2010 – They may play according to different rules on the sports field, but today in Nairobi, organizers of major sporting events, ranging from the FIFA World Cup to the Winter Olympic Games came together for a common goal: how ...
Tuesday 09 Nov 2010
GRID-Arendal launches environmental photo library
A new photo library has been set up as part of GRID-Arendal's web site which focuses entirly on environmental photos of top quality. All items are available for download in high resolution format for free. Visit the library at
Wednesday 27 Oct 2010
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