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High Altitude Challenge – Dealing with waste in the mountains
A new report looks at the growing problem of waste in the world’s mountain regions. It’s a problem few people think about, unless like GRID-Arendal’s Bjorn Alfthan, they climb right into it.
Sunday 11 Dec 2016
Biologisk Mangfold på Agendaen
Verdens biologiske mangfold - det genetiske mangfoldet, og mangfold av arter, leveområder (habitat) og naturtyper - er menneskers livsgrunnlag og forsyner oss med viktige goder.
Friday 09 Dec 2016
Innspill til Havmeldingen
"Verdenshavene er under press, samtidig som de blir stadig viktigere for verden. Som havnasjon kan vi ta en lederrolle i det viktige arbeidet med å ivareta havene gjennom internasjonalt samarbeid" sa Børge Brende da han inviterte ulike organisa ...
Wednesday 30 Nov 2016
Heads in the sand? Astonishing facts about the world's sand mining industry
What natural resources did you consume today? Well, there’s water of course, and food. No doubt some oil products. You could probably think of many other things to add to your list.
Friday 18 Nov 2016
Wastewater: Africa’s Nightmare?
Many developing countries have a problem dealing with wastewater from industry, homes, storm drains and other sources.
Friday 18 Nov 2016
Information on peatland destruction needed quickly
GRID-Arendal is taking part in an assessment on the role destruction of the world’s peatlands plays in climate change announced today at the climate change talks in Morocco.
Thursday 17 Nov 2016
Checking the arctic barometer in Marrakesh
The role of the Arctic in “sustaining global climate systems” needs to be recognized at the climate change negotiations now under way in Morocco, according to the organization that represents in the Inuit.
Thursday 17 Nov 2016
Coastal blue carbon at climate change talks
Marrakesh –– Mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrasses are being highlighted at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting now underway in Morocco for their role in climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions.
Monday 14 Nov 2016
Where can science make a difference to people?
A new study on the effects of climate change on the world’s coral reefs comes as negotiators from nearly 200 countries gather in Marrakesh to begin implementing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
Thursday 10 Nov 2016
Bad news and good news as climate talks open in Morocco
The Paris climate agreement came into force last Friday, just ahead of this year’s climate negotiations in Marrakesh. There has been a lot of bad news for the planet in the last year, beginning with the fact that 2016 is on track to be the ...
Monday 07 Nov 2016
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