• Blue Carbon Blue Carbon referrers to the carbon linked to natural coastal and marine ecosystems. These ecosystems can aid in the mitigation of climate change by fixing and storing atmospheric carbon. Blue Carbon ecosystems include tidal marshlands ... Read more

  • Environmental Crime Transnational organized environmental crime is a rapidly growing threat to the environment, revenues from natural resources, state security, and to sustainable development. According to UNEP and INTERPOL, it robs developing ... Read more

  • Ecosystems, Economies and Sustainable Development Goals Healthy ecosystems are the foundation of human well-being because they provide benefits to people in the form of food, clean water, air, fertile soil and stable coastlines, among other things. ... Read more

  • Ocean Governance and Geological Resources Developing states in Africa and the Pacific have sovereign rights over vast areas of the ocean filled with fish, petroleum and minerals plus a number of undiscovered resources. These countries are rightfully beginning to question ... Read more

  • Polar and Mountain Environments The polar and high mountain regions of the world play an important role in the Earth’s climate system, including helping to regulate global temperatures, drive ocean circulation, and store water in the form of glaciers and ice sheets. Read more

  • State of the Environment and Spatial Planning IThe marine environment supports a wide range of human uses and activities including fisheries and aquaculture, shipping, mineral resources, energy, tourism, recreation and cultural heritage Read more

  • Transboundary Waters With nearly 90 per cent of the world’s population living in countries where freshwater resources cross borders, the peaceful cooperation and sustainable use of shared waters are critically important. Read more