Ecosystems, Economies and Sustainable Development


GRID-Arendal designs the Blue Carbon Counter for COP21
The Coastal Blue Carbon Counter is a joint initiative with The Nature Conservancy’s Mapping Ocean WealthProject, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) andGRID-Arendal.
Wednesday 16 Dec 2015
Green Economy
Green, new or sustainable economics are quickly developing as a viable, important evolution of the global economic system. A major contemporary challenge is to move innovation on Green Economy from the fringes into the mainstream. National, local, and global policies alike are increasingly tar ...
Saturday 29 Nov 2014
Green Economy Report released at the 26th session of UNEP GC
UNEPreleased the Green Economy Report on 21 February at its annual meeting of the world's environment ministers held in Naorobi. The layout and design of the online version of the report was prepared by GRID-Arendal.
Monday 21 Feb 2011