Ocean Governance and Geological Resources


Fish Carbon: Exploring Marine Vertebrate Carbon Services
In answer to the call by the United Nations to provide innovative solutions to address the climate change challenge and prevent global biodiversity loss, a new report has been produced on the potential of marine vertebrates to fill this void.
06 Nov 2014
Deep Sea Minerals
Rising global demand for metals and developments in technology have recently renewed industry interest in exploring, and exploiting, deposits of deep sea minerals (‘DSM’). The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea gives coastal states exclusive sovereign rights over the DSM contained within national marine bou ...
12 Dec 2013
Regional Scientific and Technical Capacity Building Workshop on the World Ocean Assessment
In large marine regions, undertaking integrated assessments can be expensive and time consuming, but sound information is critical to understanding the state of the marine environment and achieving or maintaining ocean health. Most importantly, such large scale and integrated assessments must not be overly influe ...
04 Sep 2013