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Environment Atlas

Atlases provide credible evidence of the environmental and social changes, including their causes and impacts, as well as demonstrate the urgency to address negative impacts. Their visual presentation make atlases well adapted for multiple uses including policy and decision-making, education and reporting by the media.

Available titles

Zambia - Atlas of our Changing Environment
Zambia has abundant water resources, vast forests,huge mineral deposits, and large tracts of arableland. These natural resources are important for thecountry’s economy, with copper and cobalt beingthe country’s main exports. While mining brings ...
13 Dec 2013
Zambezi River Basin - Atlas of the changing Environment
The Zambezi River Basin Atlas of the Changing Environment isa basin collaborative initiative with the objective of providingscientific evidence about changes that are taking place in thenatural resources and the environment. The Atlas, with cli ...
15 Mar 2013
Dniester river basin - Environmental Atlas
The Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin is the first attempt to present the environmental state of the transboundary river in a visual format which includes over 30 thematic maps of the basin, graphics, diagrams and pictures. The target g ...
14 Dec 2012
Uganda - Atlas of out Changing Environment
The Uganda Atlas of Our Changing Environment, prepared by the National Environmental Management Authority of Uganda, provides extensive scientific evidence of Uganda’s changing environment. Modelled after Africa: Atlas of our Changing Environme ...
04 Sep 2009