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Brochures and Flyers

Mami Wata
Enhancing Marine Management in Western, Central and Southern Africa through Training and Application.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
UN Environment and Mountains
Mountains are widely recognized as early indicators of climate change. Impacts of climate change, such as melting glaciers, drying wetlands and biodiversity loss are evident in mountain ranges worldwide.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
Marine Litter Vital Graphics
Every year, the sum of humanity’s knowledge increases exponentially. And as we learn more, we also learn there is much we still don’t know. Plastic litter in our oceans is one area where we need to learn more, and we need to learn it quickly. That’s one of the main messages in Marine Litter Vital Graphics. Another important message is that we already know enough to take action.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
UNEP GEF International Waters
A portfolio overview: From tools and methodologies to innovative initiatives and experience with integration and ridge to reef.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
Implications of Climate Change for Water Resources and Policies in the Indus Basin
Key findings from the himalayan climate and water atlas.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
Improving future ecosystem benefits through Earth Observations.
Tuesday 20 Dec 2016
Norwegian Blue Forests Network - Flyer
Mobilizing Norwegian expertise for sustainable management ofthe blue forests in Norway and abroad.
Monday 27 Apr 2015