GRID-Arendal has produced publications, in both printed and electronic formats, on a wide range of issues related to the environment.

Biofuels Vital Graphics - Powering Green Economy
Biofuels Vital Graphics visualizes the opportunities, the need for safeguards, and the options that help ensure sustainability of biofuels to make them a ...
13 Jan 2012
Women at the frontline of climate change - Gender risks and hopes
Women are often in the frontline in respect to the impacts of a changing climate. Globally the world is seeing increasingly frequent droughts and floods w ...
06 Dec 2011
Living Planet: Connected Planet – Preventing the End of the World’s Wildlife Migrations through Ecological Networks
Through the air, over land and in water, over ten thousand species numbering millions of animals travel around the world in a network of migratory pathway ...
21 Nov 2011
Towards a Green Economy - Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication
Nearly 20 years after the Earth Summit, nations are again on the Road to Rio, but in a world very different and very changed from that of 1992. Over the l ...
16 Nov 2011
Orangutans and the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management in Sumatra
Deforestation is responsible for approximately 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is therefore a major contributor to climate change, but also to ...
28 Sep 2011
Environment and Security in the Amu Darya River Basin, 2011
The prime aim of this report is to identify the environmental stress points in the Amu Darya basin which have, or may have, security repercussions for the ...
21 Sep 2011
Climate Change in Eastern Europe, Russian, 2011
The publication prepared by Zoi in cooperation with GRID-Arendal and the Environment and Security initiative explores the impacts of climate change on Bel ...
21 Sep 2011
Africa Environment Outlook 3 - Authors guide
The purpose of these guidelines is to serve as a reference point for all players involved in the AEO-3 production process. The main aim is to ensure consi ...
24 Jun 2011
Working for the Environment - Examining environmental challenges in South Africa
Working for the Environment is prepared by GRID-Arendal for the Department of Environmental Affairs (former Department of Environmental Affairs and Touris ...
07 Jun 2011
Continental Shelf - The Last Maritime Zone - Update (Status in September 2010)
During the past decade, many coastal States have been delineating the limits of their maritime zones. This process is defining the exact extent of the sov ...
31 Mar 2011
Green Hills, Blue Cities: An Ecosystems Approach to Water Resources Management for African Cities
Africa is currently the least urbanised region in the world, but this is changing fast. Of the billion people living on the African continent, about 40 pe ...
21 Mar 2011
Coal Land - Faces of Donetsk
In this publication we have tried to collect data, thoughts and impressions from several years of cooperation between the Environment and Security initiat ...
16 Feb 2011
State of Environment - Information Networking in Rwanda
During the preparation of the first Rwanda State of Environment and Outlook in 2009, it became evident that there is a lack of reliable core datasets and ...
04 Jan 2011
High mountain glaciers and climate change - Challenges to human livelihoods and adaptation
Climate change is causing signifcant mass loss of glaciers in high mountains worldwide. Although glacier systems show a great amount of inherent complexit ...
07 Dec 2010
Vital Climate Change Graphics for Latin America and the Caribbean 2010
“Vital Climate Change Graphics for Latin America and the Caribbean demonstrates both the urgent need to act and the significant benefits that could be gai ...
06 Dec 2010
Protecting Arctic Biodiversity: Limitations and strengths of environmental agreements
The Arctic region is characterized by some of the largest continuous intact ecosystems on the planet, but is facing increasingly larger threats. These thr ...
27 Oct 2010
Uganda’s Environment and Natural Resources: Enhancing Parliament’s Oversight
Uganda’s natural resource base is one of the richest and most diverse in Africa, resulting in the country’s economy relying heavily on goods and services ...
10 Oct 2010
Too much - Too little Water: Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalayas and Central Asia
The feasibility study concludes that time is limited in terms of coping with dramatic challenges to livelihoods in the region. A cross-boundary collaborat ...
25 Aug 2010
Dead planet, living planet: Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration for sustainable development
Biodiversity and ecosystems deliver crucial services to humankind – from food security to keeping our waters clean, buffering against extreme weather, pro ...
03 Jun 2010
Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010: Selected indicators of change report
Unique Arctic habitats for flora and fauna, including sea ice, tundra, lakes, and peatlands have been disappearing over recent decades, and some character ...
01 Jun 2010
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