GRID-Arendal has produced publications, in both printed and electronic formats, on a wide range of issues related to the environment.

Dniester river basin - Environmental Atlas
The Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin is the first attempt to present the environmental state of the transboundary river in a visual format which ...
14 Dec 2012
SIDS-FOCUSED Green Economy: An Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities
The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in1992 marked the first time that the specialcharacteristics of SIDS were paid significantattention and were recognised ...
13 Dec 2012
Vital Ozone Graphics 3 - 25th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol
On 16 September 1987, the treaty known as the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed into existenceby a group of concerne ...
21 Nov 2012
Abidjan Convention Sustainable Seas pilot workshop
Life on earth is fundamentally and inextricably linkedto the marine environment. Our oceans and seas regulate global processes such as climate and weather ...
12 Nov 2012
Green Carbon, Black Trade: Illegal Logging, Tax Fraud and Laundering in the Worlds Tropical Forests
Environmental crime and the illegal grabbing of natural resources is becoming an evermore sophisticated activity requiring national authorities and law en ...
27 Sep 2012
The contribution of Space Technologies to Arctic Policy Priorities
This report compares the needs of Arctic stakeholders (as articulated in policies and strategies) with the contribution different types of satellite techn ...
28 Aug 2012
Vital Graphics on Payment for Ecosystem Services - Realising Nature’s Value
This publication highlights the concept and selected market segments relating to payments for ecosystem services. It emphasises the role natural capital c ...
31 Jul 2012
Green Economy in a Blue World - Full report
The world’s oceans and coasts – the Blue World – are the cornucopia for humanity. They provide us with food, oxygen and livelihoods.
30 Jul 2012
Blue Carbon - First Level Exploration of Blue Carbon in the Arabian Peninsula
Healthy natural coastal ecosystems, such as mangrove forests, saltwater marshlands and seagrass meadows provide a vast array of important co-benefits to c ...
27 Jun 2012
Vital Waste Graphics 3
The world population is steadily increasing, consumption levels are growing, and as a result the global waste heap is getting bigger and bigger. Despite t ...
18 Jun 2012
Caspian Sea - State of Environment 2011
The first State of the Environment Report of the Caspian Sea (SoE-Report) was prepared by GRID-Arendal and presented at the Third Meeting of the Conferenc ...
11 May 2012
Changing Taiga: Challenges for Mongolia’s Reindeer Herders
Mongolia’s reindeer herders and their taiga homeland are today facing unprecedented challenges from unregulated mining, forest logging, loss of access to ...
23 Mar 2012
Environment & Poverty Times No.7
Water management and resource efficiency for green growth in East Asia is the focus of Issue 7 of Environment & Poverty Times. Jointly prepared by GRID-Ar ...
01 Mar 2012
Why value the oceans? A discussion paper - February 2012
Oceans cover almost three-quarters of the planet, yet we are just beginning to discover the extent of the resources, both biotic and abiotic, that lie ben ...
22 Feb 2012
State of the Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Environment
The Mediterranean Sea is complex in its ecology and its social dimensions. Twenty-one countries border the basin of this heavily used and highly valued se ...
22 Feb 2012
Vital Caspian Graphics 2 - Opportunities, Aspirations and Challenges, 2012
The Caspian Sea region has witnessed important developments in the past decade and many opportunities are still available. The region is a major supplier ...
14 Feb 2012
Case Lake Sevan - Integrated Environmental Assessment of Lake Sevan (Armenia)
Lake Sevan, located in the central part of the Republic of Armenia, faces environmental challenges, caused by overexploitation of its water resources in t ...
10 Feb 2012
Biofuels Vital Graphics - Powering Green Economy
Biofuels Vital Graphics visualizes the opportunities, the need for safeguards, and the options that help ensure sustainability of biofuels to make them a ...
13 Jan 2012
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