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Frozen Heat: A Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates

Growing energy demands, uncertainty about supplies, and the urgent need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases mean that the world faces an uncertain energy future. Many countries have begun to explore alternative energy sources, including socalled unconventional fossil fuels such as natural gas hydrates.

 Executive summary  Volume 1   Volume 2

 Executive summary   Volume 1   Volume 2

Gas hydrates generally occur in relatively inaccessible polar and marine environments, which is why they have not been extensively studied until recently. Research about naturally occurring gas hydrates has increased markedly over the past two decades, however, and understanding about where hydrates occur and how they might be exploited is growing rapidly. Japan has recently tested offshore production of natural gas from a hydrate reservoir located more than 1,300 metres below the sea’s surface and other countries are also actively exploring production potentials.

Continuing a tradition of identifying emerging issues, the Global Outlook on Methane Gas Hydrates is the result of a rigorous assessment process designed to ensure the availability of scientifically credible and policy-relevant information. This assessment format brings together diverse strands of knowledge and is a key mechanism through which science informs decision-making.

This report provides a basis for understanding how gas hydrates occur and the emerging science and knowledge as to their potential environmental, economic, and social consequences of their use. The intention of this publication is to enable sound policy discourse and choices that take into account a number of important perspectives. 

02 Sep 2015
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