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Sierra Leone - State of the Marine Environment 2015

The Government of Sierra Leone recognizes the threats to the coastal and marine environment from anthropogenic sources as well as from global climate change which is one of the biggest challenges of our generation that threatens the natural resource base of the country. The State of the Marine Environment (SOME) report highlights the threats to our marine environment and underscores resources exploitation as one of the primary causes leading to the degradation of our marine and coastal environment.

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Without immediate and concerted efforts, it will be impossible for the present and succeeding generations to achieve sustainable development. Overexploitation of natural resources from the coastal and marine areas is one of the greatest threat to the marine environment. This is predicated on overwhelming dependence by rural and coastal communities on such resources in the face of limited alternative livelihoods. The Government has noted such issues that require priority attention such as potential threats of invasive species, coastal erosion, pollution control, increasing uncontrolled coastal development leading to habitat degradation and changing land-use patterns, and climate change.


05 Nov 2015
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