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Sustainable mountain development in East Africa in a changing climate
Mountains directly contribute to the lives of much of the world’s population through the provision of freshwater or irrigation for agriculture; they are the source of rivers, along which human settlements are able to flourish. While acting as t ...
19 Oct 2016
Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the Tropical Andes Mountains
The Tropical Andes are the home to many diverse communities, from remote farming villages to large urban centres and capitals, such as Merida, Bogotá, Quito, Cusco and La Paz. In total, about 60 million people live between 1,000 to 4,500 meters ...
27 Apr 2016
Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the South Caucasus Mountains
Changes in climate patterns are already evident in the South Caucasus countries – Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Annual temperatures are increasing accompanied by severe heat waves and droughts. More extreme weather events, such as heavy rain ...
11 Dec 2015
Outlook on Climate Change Adaptation in the Western Balkan Mountains
The Western Balkans is a mountainous region and a hotspot of climate change. Over the past decades, warming has accelerated, and throughout the 21st century it is projected to be higher than the world average. The observed changes in precipitat ...
10 Dec 2015