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Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade - Dimensions, Drivers, Impacts and Responses
The report is the most comprehensive scientific analysis to date on illegal logging and available response options. More than 40 renowned scientists from around the world collaborated on the study, which has been coordinated by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) on behalf of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF). In the report scientists call for policy measures that fully address all dimensions of illegal logging in order to provide for a sustained future of forests.
Wednesday 07 Dec 2016
Global Gender and Environment Outlook 2016
In this report the authors and the UNEP Secretariat look at the links between gender and the environment and their importance for gendersensitive policy-making and actions.
Monday 12 Sep 2016
The Rise of Environmental Crime - A Growing Threat to Natural Resources, Peace, Development and Security
The slaughter of elephants and rhinos has raised awarenessof the illegal trade in wildlife. We are facing mass extinctionsand countries are losing iconic wildlife species. However, thescope and spectrum of this illegal trade has widened. Criminalsnow include in their trafficking portfolios waste, chemicals,ozone depleting substances, illegally caught seafood,timber and other forest products, as well as conflict minerals,including gold and diamonds.
Monday 13 Jun 2016
Africa's Blue Economy: A policy handbook
Africa’s vast lakes and ocean resources are key to the future wealth and sustainable development of the continent – if properly used...
Monday 11 Apr 2016