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Environment and Security

Environmental degradation and resource scarcity do not directly lead to conflict. They can, however, contribute to accelerating already existing political, social crises and instability. In order to address the socio-economic aspects of environmental problems, and particularly those of resource scarcity or resource pressure, migration and social tensions, integrated approaches that take political, economic, social and environmental dimensions into consideration are needed. Basic policies and measures to address these links already exist, at global, regional and domestic levels, but implementation and subnational governance are lacking.
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Reports on environment and urban development for Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan in Armenia
The integrated urban environmental assessment reports based on GEO-Cities methodology covering three Armenian cities: Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan have been made in the framework of the Environment and Security Initiative in collaboration betwee ...
12 Feb 2010
Environment and Security issues in the Southern Mediterranean Region
If not addressed and resolved, environmental problems – water shortages, land degradation, pollution – can become security threats. In this respect the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most vulnerable areas. Its basic climatic and environmen ...
19 Nov 2009