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Reports on environment and urban development for Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan in Armenia

The integrated urban environmental assessment reports based on GEO-Cities methodology covering three Armenian cities: Alaverdy, Gumri and Hrazdan have been made in the framework of the Environment and Security Initiative in collaboration between GRID-Arendal and Armenian office of the OSCE.

The reports are available in PDF format:

Alaverdy [English]
Gumri [Russian]
Hrazdan [Russian]

Introductory (Alaverdy report)

From the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia

The policy and legislation of Armenia in the environmental protection ?eld have been basically formed and improved during the last 15 years. According to the 15th article of the Constitution of Armenia the State ensures protection and recovery of environment, and the reasonable use of natural reserves. Armenia actively participates in the international cooperation processes, has signed and rati?ed a number of international and European conventions and agreements in environmental protection ?eld.

In the framework of those agreements and conventions Armenia aims to prevent or restrict harmful impacts on human health and environment, liquidate over norm pollution of environment, lighten the dangerous consequences of global climate change, protect the biodiversity, ensure the necessary volumes of reproduction of renewable natural resources and conditions for maintaining the natural balance and support the natural and effective use of nonrenewable natural resources.

The environmental and natural resources protection and management issues of the Republic of Armenia mostly exist in the Lori Marz as well. In particular, effective management of forest resources, issues on domestic waste removal and management of harmful industrial wastes, effective management and use of water resources, prevention of land degradation, decrease of anthropogenic factors stimulating the deserti?  cation, improvement and effective use of grasslands.

This “GEO Alaverdi: Environment and Urban Development” report covers the abovementioned problems in Lori Marz of Armenia, describes the legal responsibilities of various stakeholder organizations in the given ?eld, at the same time suggests and presents the best development scenario for Alaverdi town, and required means for priority issues.

The importance given to the implementation of the project “GEO Alaverdi” is proved by the fact that the ecological issues and challenges of Alaverdi town by their character and sizes have big in?uence to the whole ecological system of the South Caucasus, as the transboundary Debed River ?ows through the Alaverdi town and the forests of Alaverdi spread to the Georgia and Azerbaijan by forming entire ecosystem.

First Deputy Minister,
Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia