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The GRID-Arendal Story Map Gallery is a new initiative designed to communicate the work of GRID-Arendal and raise awareness of environmental issues around the globe. Story Maps are an innovative tool that combine visual media such as maps, graphics and video to communicate complex ideas in a simple story format. The stories are designed to take the user on a journey which will increase their understanding of a topic and raise awareness of the work GRID-Arendal is doing in that field. Over the coming year we'll be adding new and exciting Story Maps to this gallery to highlight the success and diversity of work done by GRID-Arendal and partners.

Available titles

Limpopo River Basin - Disaster Risk in a Changing Environment
The Limpopo River Basin, which is the fourth largest transboundary river basin in southern Africa, experiences frequent droughts and floods. In 2011, the population of the Limpopo Basin was estimated at 18 million with some living in flood-pron ...
24 Jan 2017
Endangered Reefs, Threatened People
In a recent study, a group of scientists mapped human dependence on coral reefs and future threats to them. The findings are worrying – many places where people depend on coral reefs are the same places that are mostly likely to suffer damage f ...
09 Nov 2016
Marine Ecosystem Services and the Sustainable Development Goals
How do marine ecosystem services support the Sustainable Development Goals? Marine and coastal ecosystems are vital to life on Earth. These ecosystems provide many “services” to people including food, coastal protection, carbon sequestrati ...
30 Aug 2016
World Ocean Assessment
The first World Ocean Assessment (WOA) is a report on the state of the planet’s oceans. It is the product of the first cycle of the Regular Process for global reporting and assessment of the state of the marine environment, including socio-econ ...
19 May 2016
The Spread of Sargassum Seaweed
In recent years Sargassum has increasingly been seen as a pest, washing up in vast quantities on beaches on both sides of the Atlantic. There are two species of Sargassuminvolved in this phenomenon - Sargassum natansand Sargassum fluitans. They ...
05 Nov 2015
Mapping, Classifying, and Protecting Seamounts
What are seamounts? How are they mapped? How are they classified? How can we use these spatial data to protect marine environments? These are some of the questions highlighted in this Story Map.
29 Oct 2015
The Okavango River Basin
This Story Map explores the ecosystem services of the Cubango-Okavango River Basin and the threats they face. A combination of interactive maps, graphics, photos, and text are provided to examine these ecosytems from different perspectives.
28 Oct 2015
Story Map: Blue Carbon
If the world is to decisively deal with climate change, every source of emissions and every option for reducing these should be scientifically evaluated and brought to the international community’s attention.Oceans and ocean ecosystems play a c ...
07 Jul 2015