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The latest report (Third Assessment Report) of the UNEP/WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes a warming of approximately 0.7°C over most of the African continent during the 20th century based on historical records. While the exact nature of the changes in temperature or precipitation, and extreme events are not known, there is general agreement that extreme events will get worse, and trends in most variables will change in response to warming.

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By the end of this century, global mean surface temperature is expected to increase between 1.5 ºC and 6ºC. Sea levels are projected to rise by 15 to 95 cm. The expected warming is greatest over the interior of semi-arid margins of the Sahara and central southern Africa. The graphics indicate that temperature rise in Africa corresponds to global temperature rise, and that adverse impacts including extremes, are spread across the diverse environments of Africa, putting a huge proportion of African continent at great risk.

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