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Foreword by Otto Simonett

One of the more recent James Bond movies, Casino Royale, prominently featured somewhere called Monte negro, thus putting a little known place – or country – on the world map, at least for those who saw the film.

In the film, what purported to be Montenegro did not look quite like the real thing. Nor did the story, the action, nor indeed anything else in the movie particularly appeal to me personally (unlike the early Bond movies of my childhood). All in all I do not recall anything other than a cliché now shared with many of the millions who also saw the film: Montenegro is a place of natural beauty and a paradise for money launderers, with lots of long legged ladies.

Consequently talk of the Balkans, the environment and security may sound like yet another indigestible cocktail of pollution, conflict and poverty, with maybe some sex and crime too. However, we have also added vital graphics, to give the book more of a superstructure or spin, in short the ambition to communicate.

We aim to communicate nothing less than the environment of this highly complex, fascinating and attractive region, a part of the world that faces many problems related to its environment and security, a place where “the dark side” often overshadows opportunities based on rich, diverse natural and human assets, the “bright side.”

With this publication, the consortium of international organizations behind the ENVSEC initiative would like to paint a picture using more colours than just black and white, taking intermediate hues to highlight the region’s environmental and security issues: gray, for the political background, always relevant to such a harmless topic as the environment; blue, for water, as in the Blue Danube, disregarding national borders and offering enormous potential for cooperation; brown, with an industrial legacy of brown clouds and rusty water, yet endowed with a certain charm and considerable potential for future development; lastly green, symbolic of nature itself, but also associated with conservation, production, cooperation and consumption.

Unfortunately our booklet will probably have far fewer readers than Casino Royale had viewers, but to those who do take a look at it, we say: Enjoy!
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