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Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality

A new UNEP publication, written and produced by GRID-Arendal for World Environment Day 2008, shows how various levels of society can work towards climate neutrality. Written and reviewed by experts from many disciplines and various countries, the book is aimed at a broad audience, with solutions for individuals, small and large businesses, NGOs, international organizations, cities and countries.


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Climate change is the deining issue of our era. Hardly a day passes without a newspaper, a broadcast or a politician making at least one reference to the threats it poses and the urgency of taking action, immediately to limit the effects and, in the longer term, to adapt to the changes that are sure to come.

For climate change is upon us, and the problem is here to stay. But it is still in our power – as individuals, businesses, cities and governments – to inluence just how serious the problem will become. We have the choice how to act, but the change we need to make ourselves. We can make a difference by supporting the transition to a climate neutral world. This concept – climate neutrality – is the subject of this book.True, there is a huge gulf between where we are now and the climate-neutral future that we need if we are to achieve sustainable development. But the message of this book is that the gulf is not uncrossable and that there is also a lot to gain. It will take patience, persistence and determination, but it can be done.