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Vital Waste Graphics

The publication "Vital Waste Graphics" was initiated by the Basel Convention Secretariat and produced in partnership with the Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC) of UNEP, Grid-Arendal and the Division of Early Warning Assessment-Europe of UNEP. It is being published for the seventh meeting of the Conference to the Parties of the Basel Convention (COP7).

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What a waste! This is what we hear when we have spent more time, money or energy than was really necessary… It is disturbing to realize that we use the same word to indicate materials that have been used but are no longer wanted, either because they don’t work or the valuable part has been removed. In both cases, the word “waste” is related to the way we behave in the context of the consumer society.

In order for communities to function smoothly, people assume and accept the generation of a certain level of waste. A whole business has developed around waste management, in certain cases contrary to the preservation of the environment and natural resources, leaving little incentive to permanently reduce the volume of waste generated.