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Vital Waste Graphics 3

The world population is steadily increasing, consumption levels are growing, and as a result the global waste heap is getting bigger and bigger. Despite the economic difficulties faced by several countries, global trends for waste are clearly on the rise; and forecasts for 2050 indicate that these are long-term trends.

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With more people living on this planet, more consumption, more waste, more pollution, less land available for landfills, and fewer resources, what will we do with all the waste?

Because these elements are connected, it is our responsibility, as consumers and producers, to rethink our consumption and production patterns and, where appropriate, modify trends and shape the development of our society into more sustainable pathways. Decisions taken today determine the choices and solutions available tomorrow. Within this web of interconnected factors, waste represents a major node, one that cannot be considered separately from other global issues such as resource sustainability. As a by-product of our activities, waste can represent a significant burden for human society and the environment.