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Working for the Environment - Examining environmental challenges in South Africa

Working for the Environment is prepared by GRID-Arendal for the Department of Environmental Affairs (former Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism) in South Africa. It aims to inform and educate the general public in South Africa on the vital work currently being done by the government to protect the environment and alleviate poverty. This publication covers five ongoing programmes under the umbrella of the government’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP): the Social Responsibility Programme and its Working for the Coast sub-programme, Working for Wetlands, Working for Water, and Working on Fire.

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In examining environmental challenges in South Africa, it becomes clear that environmental pressures tend to occur in overlapping geographical areas. This tendency results in amplified environmental threats in already disadvantaged regions through negative feedback loops. The four thematic papers of this publication will address the highly important work which is spearheaded by the Government of South Africa to counteract environmental degradation and poverty in the country.