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Scaling Mountains, Gaining Heights - Women Environment Leaders

The video is based on interviews with women environmental leaders from the Hindu Kush Himalayas including Arzu Rana Deuba and Meena Khanal from Nepal, Shandana Khan from Pakistan, H.E Dr. Hussun Banu Ghazan, Minister of Women’s Affairs from Afghanistan, Chime Wangdi from Bhutan, and Govind Kelkar and Devaki Jain from India. The interviews were taken during the Bhutan+10 conference held in Thimphu, Bhutan in October 2012.
The film highlights how mountain women, in their role as managers of their local environment, hold valuable lessons for dealing with environmental changes, but they often have less access and control over the natural resources. Women leaders have come a long way in promoting this knowledge and in empowering women to lead the path to a more sustainable and equitable world. The film emphasizes how researchers and politicians are playing a crucial role in giving mountain women leaders a stronger voice. Women leaders unfortunately are still facing many obstacles, such as gender-based discrimination and exclusion from decision making.
This study was a part of the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme - HICAP. HICAP is implemented jointly by ICIMOD, CICERO, and GRID-Arendal in collaboration with local partners and is funded by the governments of Norway and Sweden.

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